Wish to Belong, Want to Perform

***** To be released in May 2013 *****

Wish to Belong, Want to Perform

“Wish to Belong, Want to Perform” is a humble attempt to emphasize on a well-accepted, but hardly followed thought process that the success of an organization is directly proportional to the sense of belonging of its people. An organization that nurtures happy employees is bound to instill in them, a sense of belonging that stems from the feeling of “family” relatedness. Thence, the actions of employees differ in terms of doing their task, not merely as a task for the company, but in a bigger sense, for the organization that they belong to. The dynamics with this thought change drastically, and results soon become visible.

An organization which has happy people linked to each other as a group brings the essence of this harmony to the outside world it deals with. To make this happen, organizations need to facilitate harmonious and flexible linkages with its extended social and task systems. The happy vibrant community has its starting points in the core of the organization – the entrepreneur, the leader, and the leadership team. Vibrancy spreads across the organization through the experiences of employees, starting from the core. The idea is to create a connected organization both task-wise, focused on results, and relationship-wise, with an emphasis on wellbeing. A mechanism for connections with the outside needs to be engineered for seamless interchange. People and processes join to form a culture with the vision, values, and practices of the organization. The core group acts in unison and is connected in terms of vision, values, and affiliation. The group sets into motion a series of mechanisms to broad base this in the organization. The reality of interdependence becomes the backbone for both connectivity and relatedness to happen. The interdependence and extended harmonious connectivity of the core to the periphery of the organization and its linkage with the environment create vibrancy of feeling, action and perspectives within the organization. The vibrancy leads to an employee identifying himself with the organization. The identification gives him a sense of belonging.
Some of the practices observed which help in maintaining a very high degree of professional task orientation for creating a vibrant culture in an organization are:

  • Having very simple vision statement where everyone can connect
  • The simultaneous fostering of social and task connectivity
  • Having a tandem leadership style or dual structures to balance work with values
  • Feedback across task and social interfaces
  • Institutionalizing mentoring and networking in the organization
  • Energizing strong themes for identification
  • Structuring of roles for interdependence, transparency, self-calibration, and social goals
  • Creating and nurturing spaces for belonging
  • Having feedback and correction mechanisms which while scanning outside are able to bring feedback inside and make a dynamic change in the internals of the organizations
  • Having wisdom continuity with the past, present, and future
  • Striving to take in people with a certain homogeneity of culture and inducting them to align to their role both psychologically and work-wise.
  • Create a platform where employees can equate with other employees

This is illustrated through various notable practices followed by the organizations as examples.


6 responses

  1. Dear Durga Das Sampthji
    The first page with profound message is illuminating and gives the idea of the richness of the valuable treatise you brought out with enormous effort for a cause.
    All well meaning people will enjoy your lucid your writing excellence and would be benefited for strengthening the sensitive and complex problem of Management and Workers as innovative idea of ….WISH TO BELONG,WANT TO WORK.
    I convey my best wishes for the success of this magnificient treatise.

    1. Dear Raghav Reddy
      It was very nice of you to say such good
      things about me..and the book
      I shall keep you informed when the book is ready..

  2. The preview is representative of the author’s ideas which stands for and the rich experience he has had in the corporate world as an outsider looking inside. His inspiring models have been far ahead of his times and many promoters have unfortunately been unable to put his ideas into actionable processes and ended up blaming the ideas.Looking forward to lay my hands on the book and literally smell it, chew it and digest it! R.Vijaykumar

  3. Dear Sampath Sir..
    Once again many congratulations on this release.

    It is indeed an ode to the network of relationships between the employee, employer and the ecosystem around.. Wish you all the very best with the book sir…

  4. This book speaks about things that are the need of the times. In my organization, we have every quarter a survey called Q12, that asks questions like do you have a best friend at your company, whether somebody encouraged you or gave positive feedback, do people seem interested in your growth etc., I do think that all the places I have enjoyed working with I did have a best friend and so on, so a social approach does make an effect

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