Mrs Farmer and Mr consultant

Mrs Farmer and MR consultant

It all began like this..

The writer at the lawyer’s place was filling up the sale deed.

“Full name, sir.”


“No! No! We need the full name, and Middle name.”

“I don’t have a middle name.”

“Sir, it is better to give a full name.”

I was tense. All this land registration is a tense business for me. I glared at him. With a vengeance I let him have it.

“Write down: Kshetrapalapuram Vaidyanatha Durgadasa Panchanadeeswara Sampath Kumara Sharma.”

His mouth went up and down like that of a frog startled by the appearance of a snake.

“I will just put Sampath sir.”

“No! make the deed in the name of Beena.”

I moved away. My mind drifted back to the day when the deal was made.

(Excerpt from chapter one of”Mrs Farmer Mr Consultant “ based on the popular “Beena series that appeared in Suelkha”now being published by Authorspress. For further details contact D.Sampath at orSudarshan Kcherry  at


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  2. Humorous side of Sampath!

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