silence was what I could add

(the picture is from the net and is not mine)

Silence was what I could add

Buddha sat before the bodhi tree

Near him sat his disciple three

Ananda The boldest and oldest

Always was a man with a quest

Came an old man in his presence

Says he it doesn’t make any sense

Asked does god really exist?

Definitely you’ll see him if u persist

Walked in a young fella and bowed

Is there a god worth being loved?

Hearing this said the great sage

God, just a myth, your disowned image

Entered a man who seemed unsure

Is there a god who can miseries cure?

So that we can get away from all violence

This Buddha answered only with silence

Ananda the trustworthy was confused

Asked the master who looked bemused

Three different answers you gave sage

Your inconsistency is it not an outrage?

“People without thinking can’t accept the lord

The first, an atheist, is now thinking hard on god

Second is now questioning his belief that had him scared

Third was thinking aloud; silence was what I could add”


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  1. This is my test blog..I hope to write more blogs

  2. Nice…

    1. Thanks for dropping by..

  3. Sampathji……It is always a pleasure to see you and your new projects !
    Jai Hind, Spencer aka Bilingual@ Sulekha

    1. Dear Spencer
      Thanks for dropping by

  4. Raghuram Ekambaram | Reply

    Truly a gem … I knew the story, but hearing from you … is a different thig, much added.

    DS sir, I am just Raghuram.


    1. Thanks Ragahuram..i am moving out of sulekha and want to post here.

  5. Look forward to reading more from you! Thank you for the invite to your blog. Can never forget your Bina series on Sulekha. You are an engaging writer (and artist!). Definitely KEEP me on your mailing list. Please.


    1. Dear LRao

      thanks for coming to my site
      I shall keep you informed.Meanwhile we stll have to connect.

  6. nice one Sampath ji —-best lines were

    silence was what I could add”

    1. Dear Rajni,
      thanks for your visit.
      I shall keep you updated with further
      blogs if any.

  7. My dear Sampath sir,
    I am with you. No more silence. I want to read your blogs and pray for your health
    I am not active in Sulekha, as before.
    I now post in Speaking Tree, a spiritual site

    1. Dear KVA kutty
      Thanks for your response.
      I have registered in speaking tree but am not able to comment..any way will keep trying.

  8. Dear Sampatji: I am fascinated by your quest to seek Him through the wisdom of Buddha. Well, for a hard thinking seeker the depicted silence on the guru’s part may be the right path that finally would take him to that magical realistic ‘s proximity. Intriguingly beautiful thoughts!

    1. Thanks for your visit and comments.
      Budha was a man of wisdom.He never talked about god.
      He only talked about living..

  9. As always, superb !!

    Raju (following you from Sulekha)

    1. Dear Raju
      thanks for coming
      I hope to be more regular here
      I need your support.


  10. Rajaram Chandrasekar | Reply

    Expressing the silence through the written word is the best antidote. Written word is a lot more effective than a conversation… here a person hears every word of yours (written down by you). Whereas, In a conversation, most of us are not good listeners : )

    I am sure to see more of you here than was the case in Sulekha – where, you were a keen observer of all others : )

    warm wishes for your new venture …….. RC

    1. I hope to write here more often..let us see
      thanks for your wonderful comment.
      I would definitely appreciate your visits and comments.

  11. Nice Start!!

    1. I am not able to access my dashboard in suls
      which is very crucial for my commenting..

      so what to do

      thanks for your visit.

  12. Thank for inviting me Sampath ji. Yes, it is time to move on. Please find me on
    It would be great to see you there. my deepest regard to both Beena and you. Take care and be good 🙂

    1. we cherish your visit to this day
      you can in like a breeze and the
      fragrance is still alive..
      form Beena and Sampath

  13. This is a very interesting read Sampath
    Thanks for the link

    1. Dear Soumya,

      Thanks for coming..
      I will send you my other
      links as and when i upload..


  14. nice one…will lyk to read more 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks Richa…
      I am happy that you liked it.

      1. update more asap 🙂

  15. Vaidyanathan Pushpagiri. | Reply

    Dear Sampath:Very well written. It is long time I have read you, and this new beginning is a good augury. Please continue. From an observer to a observed? I like the change and welcome it. Vaidyanathan Pushpagiri.

    1. Dear Vaidyanathan

      An elder like you giving such a comment
      is indeed like a blessing..
      so please do keep coming.whenever I post
      i9 shall keep you informed Thanks.

      1. Vaidyanathan Pushpagiri.

        Thank you. I read you are getting away from Sulekha and it definitely their loss. Earlier also you have had your reasons for not writing there, but then, I am happy, that I am able to read you again. Regards.
        Vaidyanathan Pushpagiri.

      2. Sulekha was and is a great place..But i am not needed or wanted there anymore..I want to make fresh beginnings.

  16. I am happy to see you in your creative form.
    Please do carry on.
    I am glad to see some old friends here.
    I am delighted to see Shri VP .
    I look forward to greater interaction with all here.
    Warm Regards to all

    1. You have graced me by coming here
      there are couple of our own friends who are here
      I hope mare will join.the connectivity to this site is not very good
      please note that Raghuram is also there.


  17. I liked what you have written.
    Thank you
    Lakshmi Bhat

    1. Dear lakshmi
      Thanks for your comments..
      It is indeed gratifying to see you here.

  18. Subramanian T.R | Reply

    My dear D.Sampath sir, Glad to see your writings here & you will find your old friends too.

    1. What Sulekha gave to me was great friends like you.It is aprivilege to be associated with you.I consider it an honor that you visit my page.

  19. wow – really the great one – the loudness of silence so well composed by you,


    1. Dear katokatha

      thanks for your visit and encouragement.
      In spite of your busy schedule you came and made your comments speaks volumes for your relatedness.

  20. Sampathji!

    glad to have ‘FOUND’ you!… 🙂 will follow the network! .. Akila (Novelideas from sulekha)

    1. Dear Novel

      It is good seeing you here.
      Please do send me your email address so that I can send details of my future writings. Similarly pl give me posted on your writings so that i can visit your blogs.
      My address is

  21. As you said in one of your comments Sampathji, Buddha never spoke of God… only of living. But then, what else is God…? 🙂

    Good to see you here. You need some more tweaking done on the blog though. But I guess it would happen with time…


    1. good to see you here Dagny
      you seem to be very active here..

      1. I haven’t been very active for the past six months. But I am going to be VERY active now… 😀

      2. Happy blogging Dagny.

  22. Dear Sampath

    That was profound….

    It’s great seeing you come out again..
    Looking forward to seeing more of you here…keep posting…
    Ah ! I do miss you at Suls, though….

    1. usha something new to keep you energized.
      whenevr you make a blog do keep me informed

      thanks for your visit


  23. Dear Sampath,,

    I like Buudha’s stand. That even 2600 years back. If God theory is created for Humanity’s mental well being of all of one’s odds against life, centuries back of the assertion as to ” Why act rightly ” or the moral fear that some one is watching all your acts from above – SO BE IT .But at the same time don’t put us into shame by caste divisions and silly religious rituals.

    There was a Tamil Book by RA.SU .Nallaperumal , a young lawyer,then – by profession – who got sahitya academy award in 1975 ( i think year may be wrong )
    published a book – “KETADELLAUM PDDHUM ” ( enough I heard – on Buddha’s life and findings of a n honest truth seeker ).. THAT WAS A BEAUTIFUL BOOK AN ELABORATE ANSWER BY A PIOUS MAN ON THIS QUESTION. End of theism is a sort of atheism in spirituality..

    I heard lot of BS in the religious arena.. Let me find my own ANSWERS. his Definite ANSWER was silence.


    1. Dear Ravi’
      you are so well read..
      I have not heard of this book
      wish I could read the same
      Thanks for coming..

  24. Wow u have quite a following here, Sampath jji… How come I never discovered this blog of yours?? 🙂
    The poem is profound. 🙂 Human faith is sooooo brittle that it can be shaken by the smallest of doubts.

    1. they sre my good friends..thanks for your comments.
      very true.. faith has no logic accept the
      connect of human faith is a product of that connect.

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