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silence was what I could add

(the picture is from the net and is not mine)

Silence was what I could add

Buddha sat before the bodhi tree

Near him sat his disciple three

Ananda The boldest and oldest

Always was a man with a quest

Came an old man in his presence

Says he it doesn’t make any sense

Asked does god really exist?

Definitely you’ll see him if u persist

Walked in a young fella and bowed

Is there a god worth being loved?

Hearing this said the great sage

God, just a myth, your disowned image

Entered a man who seemed unsure

Is there a god who can miseries cure?

So that we can get away from all violence

This Buddha answered only with silence

Ananda the trustworthy was confused

Asked the master who looked bemused

Three different answers you gave sage

Your inconsistency is it not an outrage?

“People without thinking can’t accept the lord

The first, an atheist, is now thinking hard on god

Second is now questioning his belief that had him scared

Third was thinking aloud; silence was what I could add”

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